Democrat Governor Who Defended Infanticide Appeared in Yearbook Photo in KKK, Blackface Costume

The pro-abortion Democratic governor who three decades ago was dressed in a KKK suit supported the killing of the black people, boldly continues his agenda with a group of others like-minded villainous nitwits by proposing the murder of living babies by abortion, of whom 38% are black, and 86% are non-white minorities.

Dr. Richard V. Homan, who defended infanticide is now facing massive criticism after a photo emerged that appears to show Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam looking in a photograph that shows him and someone else dressed up in a KKK hood and in blackface.

The photo, from Northam’s 1984 yearbook at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and was shows “two people, one wearing white Ku Klux Klan robes and a hood, the other with his face painted black,” The Virginia Pilot reported.

A photo from Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook shows two men, one in blackface and one in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, on the same page as the governor.

The photo, which The Virginian-Pilot obtained a copy of Friday from the Eastern Virginia Medical School library, comes from the 1984 yearbook, the year Northam graduated.

On the half-page set aside for Northam, there is a headshot of him in a jacket and tie, a photo of him in a cowboy hat and boots and a third of him sitting casually on the ground, leaning against a convertible.

The fourth photo on the half-page has two people, one wearing white Ku Klux Klan robes and a hood, the other with his face painted black. The person with the black face is also wearing a white hat, black jacket, white shirt with a bow tie and plaid pants. Both are holding canned drinks.

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