Persecution in America

David Jang's Christian Post & Christian University Indicted

November 25, 2018

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A Christian pastor and a businessman David Jang's Christian Post and Christian University have been indicted in a $35 million fraud scheme.

Olivet University trained men and women in Biblical scholarship. Specific emphasis was on developing practical skills such as preaching. The university's student body primarily consists of Asian students with visas to study in the US. The Christian Post is considered the largest Christian news website.

Torossian a spokesman on behalf of the university stated that “Olivet stands strongly by the individual members of its team who have been wrongfully accused,”  and that “Olivet is a Christian institution dedicated to providing educational and spiritual opportunities to students around the globe—including in locations that are hostile to Christianity and Christian practice. Olivet is no stranger to adversity and looks forward to being fully vindicated in court.”

Attorney Marc Agnifilo, on behalf of IBT Media and Etienne Uzac, told TheWrap in a statement: “The individual and corporate defendants borrowed money, as every business does, and paid the money back, as every business should. Why then are these Christian institutions, their officers and corporate partners subjects in a sweeping indictment?”

As a Christian community, let us intercede in prayer for all those who are involved in spreading the Word of God throughout the world. The Bible calls the devil the accuser of the brethren. The Scripture is very clear whose side this prosecution is on by saying of the devil: "the accuser of our brethren is cast down, who accuseth them before our God day and night" (Rev 12:10). A company the size of the Christian Post and Christian University is liable to make a financial mistake here and there, given the volume of everyday transactions. Like sharks that smell blood from a small cut of a victim, these prosecuting sharks who swim in sin and a life that is often an abomination to God are more than happy to tear apart God-fearing Christians. Brothers and sisters, let's join together and pray to God to protect His people. Let's be steadfast in our support of our brethren.  Let's say no to the persecution of minority Christian groups, Asian, Russian, Jewish or any other.