Persecution in America

COVID-19 Expediting the Way to a Cashless Society

May 11, 2020

COVID-19 is changing not only the health and relationship dynamics across the globe but also the financial dynamic as well. Cash has already been banned in most coffee shop places around this country because it is deemed unsanitary. Handing out cash has become synonymous with spreading some kind of deadly disease. As these COVID-19 lock-downs drag out, more and more individuals and businesses are going cashless.

Of course, society has been anticipating cashless society for a long time, but there was never a mechanism in place, a driving force, that got the ball rolling. Although new technological means enabled diversity of transactions to happen, cash never went out of style, it remained the king across the world...until the COVID-19 happened. Now, in a matter of weeks perception of cash has changed entirely. Cash has become something unclean, something to be despised and avoided. Merchants are fleeing cash as they learn that  Coronavirus can survive on paper. If that keeps up, how many businesses will accept cash in the near future? And will businesses that have already gone cashless once again return to cash?

CBS News is reporting that Federal Reserve is delaying processing dollars that have been repatriated from Asia. The Louvre Museum in Paris isn't accepting cash from visitors. And Iran has urged its citizens to stop using bank notes over fears the coronavirus can be transmitted to humans through contaminated objects like cash.

The damage has been done, cash is being dethroned globally and will soon go extinct.

Is this a deliberate, orchestrated war on cash?

War on cash isn't new even Steve Forbes wrote about it back in 2016

“The real reason for this war on cash—start with the big bills and then work your way down—is an ugly power grab by Big Government. People will have less privacy: Electronic commerce makes it easier for Big Brother to see what we’re doing, thereby making it simpler to bar activities it doesn’t like, such as purchasing salt, sugar, big bottles of soda and Big Macs.”

Much like the war on drugs and the war on terror, the war on cash is sold to the public as a means of fighting COVID-19 germs. It is not even a hard sell in the midst of this pandemic because shockingly nobody needs to be convinced or persuaded to go cashless. People are already doing it for extra cushion of safety. Has the Globalist Cabal anticipated Covid-19 being the ultimate cash killer?  Maybe, maybe not, but they sure won't let this crisis go to waste.