Persecution in America

CMP to pay security bill of Planned Parenthood after exposing sale of baby parts

December 12, 2018

David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt, and others exposed the abortion cartel's practice of trafficking in baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood Federation of America and nine of its largest affiliates alleged that they had to implement exorbitant security measures following the release of the CMP videos. However, the court has already ruled that Planned Parenthood may only recover damages caused directly by CMP defendants, not those caused by third parties.

So hold on, after CMP exposed the truth about Planned Parenthood by filming abortionists talking about their business model of SELLING human body parts, CMP has to pay for the increased security at Planned Parenthood facilities? How can these facilities remain open? The people behind these clinics are not innocent brainwashed individuals but are well educated, well-calculated assassins and butcher who know exactly what they are doing. Human life passes quickly, and all the individuals involved in the abortion industry will meet their Maker, and it won't be a happy meeting. For the millions of murdered babies that had to endure the pain of a brutal death, they are the modern day martyrs in this country. They were unjustly killed, even though these babies had much good to contribute to our society. However, now God in heaven is their Father, they are in a place of joy. God will avenge their blood and punish the nations involved in this criminal act.

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