Persecution in America

Church in the Tribulation

February 17, 2019

Watch these videos about the end times, however, try to relate it to the Church of Christ and ask God to reveal His plan to you and your family.

Many non-westernized Christians believe the Book of Revelations was given to the Church and not to the nation that has rejected Christ. The believing Jews are today within the body of Christ, the Church. The promise of the Messiah was first given to Adam and Eve. Thus the promise of the Messiah and hope of salvation for the human race started with Eve, then flowed through the Jewish nation, and finally flowered into the Church. One day the Church will be reunited with the Son and the Father. God has given the world one promise, Jesus, and today anyone can join that promise through the Church.

When we stop relying on God revealing His Word to us because we are simple people equivalent to small children and relinquish the interpretation of Scriptures to the so-called "wise men", we then become indoctrinated with such beliefs as pre-tribulation rapture and once saved always saved doctrines. The Lord Jesus in Mathew 11:25 thanked the Father in Heaven for hiding the Scripture from the wise and revealing it to the little children, thus we should be cautious of the "wise men" telling us what to believe. Ask God to reveal the Scripture to you as you read it on your own or within a small circle of friends, and you may be surprised that you will most likely understand the Scripture differently than the teachings coming out of modern seminaries.