Persecution in America

Christians Beware: Biden Declares His #1 Priority Will Be the Anti-Christian LGBTQ 'Equality Act'

June 4, 2019

And here I thought Democrat's "#1 Priority" would be health care, or lowering taxes, or increasing employment, bringing back jobs from overseas, strengthening our national defense in an increasingly hostile world, taking steps to take on the opioid epidemic that is killing 10's of 1000's of USA citizens every year, halting or slowing down illegal immigration etc. etc. But apparently there is another more important priority.

If Joe Biden is elected president get ready for more attacks on people of faith. Biden announced at an event in Ohio on Saturday that his number one priority, if elected, will be to enshrine LGBTQ rights into federal law via the Equality Act, a contentious, Orwellian effort by left-wing bullies to silence Christians who believe biblical teachings on marriage and reject the view that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

During a half-hour speech at the Human Rights Campaign's annual gala in Columbus, Ohio, Biden said, "It's wrong and it is immoral what [the Trump administration] is doing," citing efforts to bar transgender troops from the U.S. military and protect medical providers from being forced to violate their consciences.

"Just like with racial justice and women's rights, we are seeing pushback against all the progress we've made toward equality," Biden added.

"You know, you've done as much for straight folks as you've done for gay folks and lesbian folks," said Biden, crediting the LGBTQ advocacy group with changing the attitudes of Americans on sexual issues. "This is how you've freed so many non-homophobic straight guys," he said.

Biden bragged to the group about how he "came out" in support same-sex marriage in 2012, before most other Democrats. (In fact, Biden evolved on the issue before President Obama and Hillary Clinton and while some of his competitors were still in high school.)

"In too many places you're still at risk for your jobs," he warned. It's gotta change."

"It's gotta change because of the values we have to demonstrate to the rest of the world. It's gotta change because it's just morally wrong... your tenacity, your integrity -- you've bent the moral arc in this nation toward justice and thanks to you our children and grandchildren are growing up in a world that is far more just, far more open-minded, far more humane."

Biden is right about one thing: Groups like the Human Rights Campaign have pulled off a dizzying moral revolution the likes of which has never been seen in America. Americans' views have been transformed on LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage to a degree that activists in previous decades could not have imagined. Most of our institutions -- everything from government offices to progressive churches to the Boy Scouts to medical societies -- have not only softened their stances on LGBTQ issues, but have enthusiastically joined in the moral revolution. Increasingly, there's little room for dissent. During his speech Biden portrayed LGBTQ individuals as victims, ignoring the fact that it is people of faith who have been the big losers in this war of ideas. Bakery owners are being sued out of existence, medical professionals are being pressured to embrace transgender ideology, and major corporations are pulling their business out of states that seek to protect religious freedom — which, by the way, is what made Mike Pence Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of the cultural revolutionaries.