Persecution in America

Christian Persecution Globally is Worsening while American Churches Falling into Slumber

June 19, 2019

American Churches with their superstars and megachurches, is a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. The house of cardst that the churches have created, which relies on upbeat music and positivity to attract donors to sustain large budgets, leaves little room for pastors to speak about the suffering of global Christians. Like most of the American culture, churches are more concerned with scandals and Avengers than persecution and suffering across the world. Submerged in entertainment and consumerism they are completely detached from the experience of the global church. The American churches are feeding themselves to death while the worldwide church is being murdered.

At the same time American churches have completely become blind to the brewing persecution in their own backyard from the political and radical social factions.  The laws are rapidly changing in front of their eyes. Fellow Christians are being targeted daily for their religious beliefs. Let's not forget about the silent baby Holocaust. All this is happening in America today, but the churches are busy preaching the Gospel of Prosperity, Peace, Love, and Happiness. At the time when the Church must fight, must stand on the front lines, it is in slumber mode.

Open Doors USA tracks global incidents of Christian persecution around the world through its annual World Watch List, a comprehensive ranking of countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. One of every nine Christians experience high levels of persecution and suffer for their faith, and it’s picking up pace.

Let's look at few examples:

  • In Nigeria 3,731 Christians were killed last year for their faith. That does not count the number that were sold into slavery and raped, or held for ransom.
  • In Sri Lanka  320 lives were lost during bombings on Easter Sunday by the Islamic State.  The ideology of hatred and violence against Christians is no longer contained to Iraq and Syria.
  • China has woken up to a stunning realization that there could be more Christians in China than members of the Communist Party soon, so China has begun an Orwellian crackdown. They’re now using facial recognition, social credit scoring system, imprisonment and surveilance to bring Chinese churches under the boot of the government.
  • In India, Narendra Modi has classified 30 million Christians as second-class citizensExtremist Hindu groups are attacking Christians with violence increasing 400% since 2014.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ suffering in places like China and Nigerais are giving us clues how we must equip our selves and survive the looming persecution here in the US.

When Christians in Nigeria began to face persecution they dropped their denominational quarrels about doctrine and faith. They recognized that everyone who is suffering for their faith is part of family. Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox it does not matter. They are part of Jesus family. We can learn a great deal from their example and rally for those who are today being persecuted for their faith in the States.