Persecution in America

Christian Boarding School Raided By CA Govt on bogus drug and weapons charges

June 17, 2019

A Christian boarding school River View Christian Academy run by Teen Rescue in Northern California was raided by California Government earlier this year based on made up drug and weapons charges. The school is facing closing and hefty fines. The head of the school claims that its First Amendment rights, as well as parental rights have been violated.

What happened with this school is, allegedly the Department of Social Services in California found out from a third-party far left site on the internet that there is drug dealing or weapons activity going with this school. It was a smear job put out by the activist anti-Christian cell on the internet. Instead of investigating this allegation responsibly the Government came out against the school with 16 troopers, two K9 units, and a host of social workers and totally taken over the campus. They looked at every corner, interrogated everyone -- finding nothing. So, instead of backing off and saying "sorry, we made a mistake" as would be a proper thing to do, they doubled down and decided to charge the school for not being licensed by the state.  They declared that unless the school gets reigned in by the state and get proper licensing, the school will be levied with heavy fines.

“We have been kind of harassed by the state of California Department of Social Services. Specifically, it's called Community Care Licensing,” RVCA CEO Phil Ludwig said.

This story sounds awfully familiar to the one we reported on earlier about Babichenko family and its relatives who got raided at gun point on made up drug trafficking and money laundering charges. Their church and private school also undergone cavity examination. Its bank accounts remain seized to this day. There seems to be a pattern with how our rogue Government conducts its operations these days against Christian institutions and Christian folk who are affiliated with them.

Christians cannot remain complacent any longer when they see one of their own being thrown to the wolves.  Often Christians remain oblivious to this kind of news, brushing it off as some one-time incident in which the party that got raided and tied up in this mass is at fault. And so instead of rallying to the defense of their brothers and sisters in Christ they leave them hanging defenseless fighting for their lives on their own. Most Christians just don't believe that in 2019 their government is that evil. So, they blame and criticize their fellow Christian for being harassed by their Government.

It is time that Christians wake up to what is going on around them. Don't they see what is happening to their President? Don't they know how our police force, FBI, CIA, DoJ, IRS, and other government factions have already been weaponized and used against us? Does Lois Lerner ring a bell? If our rogue Government forces are not shy and not scarred about removing this president, why would they be scarred of you? We are not dealing with a Government "by the people" and "for the people."

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