Persecution in America

Celebrities Call for Ban on Boiling Lobsters Because They Feel Pain, But Aborting Babies is Fine

June 17, 2019

As is usually the case, hypocrisy never attaches itself to these people.

But here is the very important distinction that the Left makes, as evidenced by their actions, not their rhetoric: The lobster deserves better treatment because that is the humane thing to do for this creature who is no threat to anyone’s conveniences. A fetus on the other hand, must be dispatched, because it can bring all sorts of unwanted consequences upon someone.

Of course, you must completely ignore that the decision was made to make that fetus in the first place. When you have no conscience, that is easy to do.

Last year Switzerland already passed a law that made boiling lobsters illegal. Cooks have to electrocute or kill the lobster some other way prior to dumping it into the boiling water.

Although here in the states boiling alive lobster is legal, one restaurant in Maine, Charlotte Gill, is getting lobsters high on pot (literally) before boiling them. The owner believes that pot will sedate the lobsters so their deaths aren’t as traumatic when they are boiled.

The groups behind the lobsters ban claim that lobsters and other animals are subjected to “extreme treatments” in the food industry, including dismemberment while they are still alive.

Did it ever occur to these groups and celebrities that they are making an inadvertent case against abortion?

The humane treatment of animals is more important to many celebrities and animal rights groups than brutal and painful death of unborn babies.