To protect their monopolistic ambitions, the Apple corporation has resorted to using coercion and corruption. With help from Samsung, Amazon and the US government – they use the courts to separate little children from their parents – namely, those from Christian households.  If not stopped, their heinous crimes against Godly families will create two dozen orphans and will be a blueprint for future persecution against Christians.

The old model of persecution was pretty straightforward; believers in God were not permitted to worship God by their governments.  If they disobeyed, they were openly persecuted and sometimes killed.  These martyrs died and were remembered as heroes by their fellow Christians. Now, a new and more insidious plan has been devised. Through the use of legal action – this new plan strips people of their ministries, strips them of their honor not only before the world but also inside Christian’s circles, and has their name be recorded in history as criminals.

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An example of this persecution brought to light – the case of the Babichenko family – whose business involved selling refurbished mobile phones. Due to the government’s arbitrary labeling of these products as counterfeit goods, the family has been prosecuted and separated.

Apple and Samsung have convinced the US Government to criminalize the right of a US citizen to repair and sell their device outside an Apple repair center. They have labeled fixed devices as fake our counterfeit, despite the legitimacy of the business and simply put, the overall desire for the service. Alone, the cell phone repair industry brings in 4 billion dollars for the US economy per anum as well as employing approximately 22,000 people.

Of course, this issue is not limited to the United States, a recent example of Apple’s actions is their lawsuit against Henrik Huseby – a repair shop owner in Norway, in which Apple lost. But, that was Norway,  now Apple and Samsung are trying to do the same thing in the USA, the country in which large companies have far more political pull – and sufficed to say, Apple is having more success.

Apple and Samsung seek to destroy the entire phone repair industry because it decreases the sales of their new devices.  In an off-the-record account, an Apple’s General Manager admitted that Apple does not support cell phone refurbishing industry they oppose it. Apple purposefully does not make parts available to the market, and it may come as a surprise that even their largest carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint do not receive Apple parts for the phones they insure. Apple wants their customers to upgrade to new devices. In other words, Apple has purposefully made their original parts unavailable for purchase to most cell phone repair centers.  Apple and Samsung’s goal is to limit consumer choice, by restricting where and how they want to repair their electronic devices.

The success of third-party repair centers has not gone unnoticed by Apple, as they now seek to control the 4 billion cell phone repair market. With a former Vice President Al Gore as a board member, Apple wants to use US taxpayer’s money to help pay for the cost of bringing the cell phone repair industry under their control. By demanding that the US Government label any cell phone that is repaired outside of an Apple or Samsung repair center, as counterfeits and fake. These corporate giants are well on their way to limit consumer choice and destroy a large and thriving industry that the vast majority of the population uses and supports.

It’s a well-known fact within the repair industry that Apple has an active policy that refuses to sell their parts to third-party repair stores. reports that “Apple does not sell parts–and thus ‘genuine OEM parts’ do not exist outside of an Apple store.” Apple policies force third-party repair centers to use refurbished parts or aftermarket parts instead. Again, according to, “most highly-rated third-party repair shops use high-quality screens that are pretty much indistinguishable from your original Apple screen.”  Moreover, according to IDoctor repair center, the biggest question they get is, “are your parts OEM Apple parts?” and their simple answer is, “No, Apple is a design company, not a manufacturing company. Third party companies are contracted to build the multitude of parts…” This strategy of not providing the market with parts enables Apple and Samsung to take legal action against any small repair business.

What is even more outrageous if Apple and Samsung customers decide to go anywhere besides an Apple or Samsung authorized repair store to repair their device, they become an owner of a counterfeit phone and face criminal charges.

According to and, 69 million Americans have at one point damaged their phones.  The majority of consumers do not repair their phones at Apple or Samsung stores due to high prices, long wait times, and lack of convenient locations. Most consumers choose to fix their devices in one of about 9000 independent repair centers around the USA. In essence, Apple and Samsung with the help of some in the US Government are tacitly labeling around 60 million US citizens – of which approximately 50% are their customers – as criminals. Anyone found owning or selling a device that was repaired using parts purchased online on Amazon, eBay or fixed via a third party repair center; can now face charges ranging from trafficking in counterfeit goods, (and if the device was sold online) mail fraud, and wire fraud among others, depending on how creative the bureaucrats are that day. When the government wants to bring any Christians under control, a counterfeit claim for repairing a device they owned and paid for will do the trick.  People could spend their entire life in prison.  It’s a comforting thought to know that we don’t live forever.

Even the largest companies do not receive parts from Apple and Samsung. These include companies such as Asurion, SquareTrade, Staples and thousands of other repair centers that are forced to use refurbished original or aftermarket parts. in their policy states that “Replacement parts will be new, rebuilt or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to the factory specifications of the product at our sole option.” While not providing parts, Apple and Samsung dare to claim that since parts were not purchased from Apple and Samsung, they are counterfeit or fake.

As free citizens, we need to put a stop to the persecution of religious groups in America. Citizens and groups should contact their government representatives and demand that they let the Babichenko family go free and stop the persecution of minority groups specifically Russian Christians.  People should vote with their wallets and stop purchasing Apple and Samsung products until they halt their abuse of the US legal system. We should be bold and stand up for our rights.