Persecution in America

California threatens to evict 84-year-old widow from a Veterans Home for doing Bible studies

March 6, 2019

California state officials are threatening to evict Artis Breau, a widow from a Veterans Home, unless she ceases to do her Bible studies.

She has led the Bible studies for much of the last decade, now she may become homeless.

Pacific Justice Institute Reported:

In mid-December, the Home notified Artis that her volunteer status was being suspended indefinitely due to the ongoing investigation. Nearly three months later, CalVet has yet to schedule an interview with Artis about the alleged complaint; yet she remains barred from volunteering in any official role. However, until this past week she had been permitted to continue leading Bible studies for some of the Home’s most elderly and mobility-challenged residents—many of whom cannot get to chapel services.

On Friday, March 1, PJI received an alarming e-mail from an attorney for CalVet, claiming Artis’ Bible studies were in violation of prior directives and would subject her to “involuntary discharge” from the Home if they continued. The Home claims it needs to protect residents from this elderly widow, even though attendance at her Bible studies is entirely voluntary. Artis has explained to PJI that the real issue is that she is an evangelical Jewish believer in Jesus, which does not sit well with some of the chaplains.

PJI sent a strongly-worded response to the State on Friday and is weighing all legal options. PJI Attorney Matthew McReynolds, who has been representing Artis, commented, “CalVet’s treatment of this widow is shameful. Throughout this process, we have been deeply disturbed not only by the lack of constitutional guidelines, ineptitude, and lack of due process in the investigation, but even more by the notion that discussing religious views on the eternal state of the soul is somehow elder abuse or emotional abuse. Our client’s husband fought for his country to preserve the freedoms now being threatened by CalVet. Our veterans deserve better.”

Brad Dacus, president of PJI, stated, “This shocking attack from the State against our client’s exercise of religious convictions is deeply disturbing. The State seeks to punish Artis based on non-existent directives, and deprive her of a personal ministry to the veterans who have benefited from her religious services for years. Artis isn’t fighting just for herself, but for the Gospel and for the residents who are unable to fight for themselves against the State’s attempted intimidation.”

If Artis Breau was an illegal, no pun intended, she might have been given a pass in California, but unfortunately she is not and therefore a perfect subject of harassment. Slowly but surely we Christians are being warmed up, like frogs in a pot, to the idea that this is a normal progression of events in America, and therefore we should just fold our hands and let it play out. How many Christians will probably yawn over this story since this is a similar story to the one they've heard or read before?

The back of the book is unfolding before our eyes. GET READY.