Persecution in America

Buckets full of babies

February 13, 2019

The legalizing of late term abortions in New York State garnered headlines across the country – stirring up the emotions of both the pro-choice and anti-abortion crowds.

It was interesting to watch the arguments of the pro-choicers who tried as best they could to steer clear of the dilemma of what to do when a child survives an abortion. It’s called a “botched abortion” – in other words, the abortion didn’t kill the fetus (or baby, or whatever they choose to call it).

That’s a part of abortion that has been mostly ignored because we have been largely brainwashed to believe that what is in the mother is not “alive.”

Tell that to physicians who, for decades, have considered a pregnancy as treating TWO patients – the mother and the growing child within her.

Tell that to the mother who sees the sonogram of her growing child with a heartbeat.

Tell that to the physicians who perform surgeries on babies in the womb, correcting “birth defects” so the child can be born healthy. They can have blood transfusions, heart surgery, laparoscopic corrective spina bifida surgery, and much more. Those babies are patients. How can we say they don’t deserve our protection, right up until, and after, the moment of birth?

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