Persecution in America

Big win in court for Schaeffer Cox

February 21, 2019

Hello again,

We just had a BIG win in court. There’s a chance I could actually be out and see all of you, and my children, within a few months. This battle could be over soon.

The 9th Circuit threw out half my charges as baseless, and sent the case back down to the District Court. Now we are asking the District Court Judge to throw out the other half. If he does, it would be real hard to justify keeping me in prison past this coming September.

Please pray for this situation. Just take a moment, and along with me, humbly ask for some mercy from the real King.

For the past 7 years we have been trying to force my prosecutors — Steve Skrocki and Joe Bottini — to hand over the evidence they have been illegally hiding all this time. Finally today the Judge ordered them to do so.

My lawyer had written up a proposed order for the judge to sign. But the judge scrapped that order and wrote his own. Which was actually stronger and more forceful than what we’d asked for. This is great!

Of course, the prosecutor’s still trying to lie and hide evidence. That’s what they always do. But thanks to YOU and your donations to my legal defense, we are slowly getting the truth on the record and boxing these corrupt DoJ conmen in. Thank you!

Because of YOU we have had the money to keep running them out of options. YOUR financial support is why these prosecutors aren’t getting a free pass on their lies. YOU are the hero in this story. If YOU hadn’t come to my aid, they would be getting away with their official deceit. But now, little by little, they are getting busted. Thank you!

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