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Baby George born 23 weeks surviving birth at 1 pound, 5 ounces

February 25, 2019

Baby George was born in July 2018, but he wasn't due until October. His mother was just 23 weeks pregnant when she went into labor, and the premature baby boy weighed only one pound and five ounces at birth. He was only as long as a syringe. Yet, despite doctors' predictions that he would die, he was recently released from the hospital.

According to the Mirror, George's parents Hanna Rose and Daniel Bownes were told by doctors that George, who was born a week before the abortion cutoff in the UK, had a one in a million chance of surviving.

"I was convinced that he was going to die so it's truly a miracle that he's here with us," Rose told the Mirror. "Each and every day we have with him is a true blessing."

Rose said her "world fell apart" when she went into labor at just over five months pregnant. Labor was four long days before she gave birth to George at 23 weeks and six days gestation. She says that since he was not yet 24 weeks, doctors were not going to provide any medical intervention to save his life and she was terrified he would be stillborn.

George was "feisty" but need to be placed in a plastic bag in an incubator and put on life support within minutes of his birth. According to the family's GoFundMe page, George developed NEC, a common disease in the bowel of premature babies, at just six days old. Although he was so young that his skin was transparent, doctors performed surgery on his bowels. During the surgery, his liver was accidentally nicked which required an emergency stoma and blood transfusions. After the surgery, he developed meningitis as well as sepsis — a life-threatening illness caused by the body working overtime to fight an infection. His body went into septic shock. George's parents were told that his life support would be turned off.

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