My name is Peter Babichenko, and I am writing this letter on behalf of my family and hundreds of people asking for your help. We are a Russian Christian family and US citizens. At this moment we are experiencing severe persecution in the United States because of our faith and our ethnicity. Even though our case may seem simple on the surface, but it is incredibly complex. To discover the truth, one must dig deeper. This case involves an elaborate scheme by the US governments with the help of big business to achieve the government’s goal of stopping a specific religious movement that the US government deems unacceptable while attaining the goals of big business to put a stop to competition that is cutting into their massive profit margins. Thus, these two organizations have been conspiring and working together to weave and fabricate a story and bring charges that will put a dozen parents to jail for up to 90 years each. Through this scheme, the US government with direct involvement from Apple and Samsung are attempting to separate ten parents from their families, including both husband and wives and to leave dozens of children orphaned for their entire life. At the moment the government has seized our church property, our businesses, and most importantly they have stopped an emigration movement of thousands of Russians Christian families out of the US to South America. We believe great persecution is coming in the USA against of Christians in the very near future, and this movement is unacceptable for the current US government.

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We have lived in the United States for almost 30 years, leading peaceful lives and loved by our neighbors and the community. All of us were proud Americans and US citizens. At one point the United States had protected us from the persecution we faced in USSR, thus we will forever be grateful to God and the American people. In the United States, we had lived a peaceful life. None of our 12 family members had ever been arrested. We had always paid our personal and business taxes; many received college-level education and ran successful small national and international companies that employed about one hundred employees. Currently, we live our lives inside a strong Russian Christian community and attend Morning Star Christian Church, a Russian evangelical church in Boise, Idaho. We love our families and our children, and we are very close to each other. Many of our children attend Petra Christian Academy, a classical Christian school that our church helped start and fund.

Nikolay Goretoy (right)

When Nicolai was alive, he shared with our parents what God had revealed to him. First, God would lead us to the United States for a short period of rest, and second that after the time of rest, God would continue to guide us and a part of His church through many countries. God revealed to my grandfather that in the last days God would lead and protect His remnant from the rule of Anti-Christ in a particular place on this earth as written in the book of Revelations 12:6.

Stanislav Babichenko (left)

Around the year 2008, God had begun to reveal to my father, who was our senior pastor, and to many Christians around North America that hard times were coming to the US for Christians. God had instructed us that we should begin making preparations for ourselves and thousands of other Christians to leave this country. Under the leadership of our pastor and guided by personal revelations from God we started traveling to Brazil and began preparatory work for what we believed God had revealed to us. My father and brothers also went on several occasions to meet with the Brazilian government officials and petition their government to change their immigration laws to accept thousands of Christian emigrants that would one day leave the United States. On this last trip, we made significant progress with the Brazilian government. The US government knew about our travels and our official petitions submitted directly to the Brazilian government. Sadly, the US government resolved to put a stop to this movement.

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On the morning of August 22, 2018, at around 6:40 AM, the life of our family and our community abruptly changed. One day after my brothers arrived back from Brazil to the United States, nine members of our small church and one member of another church were raided in a coordinated attack by about seven government agencies, arrested, and thrown to jail. During the raid, about 20 to 30 government agents pointed guns and rifles at our sleeping children and us, and none of us had any previous criminal record. The government confiscated our church building, most of our businesses, cars, homes, and any cash inside our houses, including our children’s savings, leaving our families and children helpless. All this in spite of the Constitutional guarantees of being innocent until proven guilty. The government took our means to pay our mortgages, utilities, and our children’s education. Banks have refused to open new checking accounts since the old accounts were closed and funds confiscated. Almost all cash and funds were taken, leaving us no means to support ourselves. We who had employed dozens of people were forced to go on welfare to buy food. Some members were denied unemployment benefits, leaving them incapable to pay any bills. If not for some fellow Christians that decided to help we would probably be living on the streets with our small children. Our families have become like prisoners in the United States. The court appointed each of us a single defense attorney. In the meantime, the government has over 50 attorneys and support staff working against us. The government has left us with no real means to survive or adequately defend ourselves.

Babichenko Brothers who are still in jail

Gennady and Paul (currently in jail)

Two of my brothers, one of whom is our current senior pastor at Morning Star Christian Church are still being held in jail in Jerome County, Idaho, and are not able to provide for their families. Both of my brothers have five children, with their youngest child being less than six months old. These tactics of falsely accusing innocent Christians by the governments and smearing them in the media are nothing new. These tactics have been used for thousands of years against Christians and are familiar to our parents and grandparents because they are the same tactics deployed against Christians and our family in the former Soviet Union.

Sadly, the prosecutors in our case are not interested in the truth; they are interested in pushing a fabricated story. In this coordinated attack, with unlimited funds, this Government schemed to partner with big business to pursue their similar while separate goals and is trying to convince the court that their lie is the truth. The government wants to imprison my family members, including husbands and wives for up to 90 years, all because we are acting on what we believe God has told us to do. The prosecution has stated in court that they do not argue that our family members were model citizens, and at the same time, they are trying to imprison us for up to 90 years. The Bible condemns the action of the prosecution and says, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.” Proverbs 17:15.

Please help us and look into our issue. We hope that you would use your resources to stop this vengeful attack on our families and church. We ask that you use your resources to reveal the truth and stop this prosecution so it may not succeed in convicting a righteous family that has devoted their life to serving others. Please do not leave this case unchallenged and say nothing, because this will be a blueprint for the broader persecution of Christians within the United States. The Bible says “Keep far from a false matter, and do not kill the innocent and righteous. For I will not justify the wicked. ” Exo 23:07.


Peter Babichenko & Family
5391 N. Lolo Pass Ave.
Meridian, Idaho 83642
[email protected]

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