Persecution in America

The Babichenko Brothers Trial Delayed For the Third Time - FOIA Requests Filed to Expose Corruption

June 13, 2019

The Babichenko brothers trial keeps getting delayed even though all defendants routinely asked their attorneys for a speedy trial.

On June 7, the defense lawyers and prosecutors held a hearing to discuss the upcoming trial on July 28, 2019, that had already been delayed three times. The defendants have provided defense attorneys necessary documents to expose the lies of the prosecution and their agents, but instead, the trial has been delayed until October 2020, and nobody walked free.

On August 22, the homes of several defendants including the Babichenko brothers were raided at gunpoint. The next day the federal Government hаs charged Babichenko brothers and few other Christian Jewish families from Russia with numerous made-up felonies and conspiracies such as money laundering and selling of counterfeit cellphone goods. To this day no factual evidence has been presented at any of the hearings. The prosecutors continue to resort to their only method to save their skin – keep delaying the trial and keep victims in prison until they fold under pressure. In the process, we learned, however, this case is tied to the fake "Russian Collusion" narrative propelled in Washington by corrupt politicians and federal agencies.

This “strategy” of keeping young children away from their fathers for a prolonged period, is what the prosecutors rely on to win the case. The hole the feds dug for themselves by spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars is so deep they see no point of return, so they have no choice but to keep digging further down to see if any nuggets appear.  The fact that there is no regard for people’s lives is what is so troublesome. Two families with little children are left without their fathers, who were sole providers. Do the Feds or prosecutors care? No, to them separating families is just a “strategy” by which they are determined to win. The wolves are prosecuting the sheep.

Please continue to pray, spread the word, and petition your government officials.

To expose the corruption of the government agents and officials, the Babichenko brothers have requested documents from Federal government agencies using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) under the title “Operation Haman’s Dollar.”  To follow these request and to pressure the government agencies to quickly and honestly comply, you can click on the links below.