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Amazing! This Christian Is Exactly Like His Unbelieving Friends Except He Says 'Heck' Instead Of 'Hell'

January 28, 2019

What an awesome witness for Christ!

"He watches the same movies we do, goes to the same parties, commits all the same sins---the only difference seems to be that when he's angry, he says 'What the heck, bro!?'" said his friend Chad. "It's a powerful witness to all of us heathens when we hear him get super upset and start yelling at somebody using all substitute cuss words."

"One time, when he was really mad, he even said 'fudge this,'" Chad added.

Now get the heck out there and start being a good example to your unbelieving friends and family by acting exactly like them except when you toss out a "heck" or "darn it!"

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