Persecution in America

Evolution of Baby Killers - Now Virginia Gov Ralph Northam

January 29, 2019


Today is a disgusting time to be alive. The horror show that is unwrapping before our eyes is nauseating and revolting.  The land of the free? The land of liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Yes, it definitely is. This is the land where woman are free and pursue happiness at any price.  They get rid of the burdens called babies which stand in the way of their unlimited, unbridled pleasures and the insatiable pursuit for riches. While a stream of tiny tears mixed with the cry of the little ones is rising like a raging river up to the throne of God himself, and vengeance mixed with fury will break upon the heads of the evil from the Throne of God Himself.

God, how long will You continue to wait? How long will You permit these atrocities to happen?  Yes, we know Your Scripture says that in the last days the saints will suffer, but we thought it would be us, the adults, not the little innocent children.  We find ourselves helpless. We felt that with the numerous elections of Republican presidents, The House, and the Senate, that something would have changed for the better. But it was all an illusion, wishful thinking, the enemy is bolder than ever, and the atrocities are getting worse day by day.  Forgive us Lord for our helplessness, we are ready for Your return, come quickly.