Persecution in America

A "Pastor" – came against Dr. Michale Brown for standing with God’s Word

December 24, 2018

It started out of the gate with a "progressive" pastor maligning Dr. Michael Brown as hopelessly phobic (for reaching out to the LGBT community with the truth of the gospel while opposing radical LGBT activism). And, remarkably, while the Bible consistently and categorically opposes homosexual practice (meaning, same-sex relationships and sexual acts) a pastor – yes, a pastor – came against Dr. Brown for standing with God’s Word.

Dr. Brown asked “To all professing LGBT Christians and their allies: Please give me just ONE explicit verse in the Bible where God sanctions same-sex relationships. Just one. You know already there are clear verses saying the opposite.”

Not a single one gave him a single supporting verse. How telling!
A professing gay Christian tweeted with joy about his upcoming wedding to his partner, telling Dr. Brown the Scripture he would use at the event. When Dr. Brown came back to him with other scriptures about same-sex relationships, he told Dr. Brown plainly that the Bible was not his final authority and that God was bigger than a book. Fascinating!

So, these folks can have their “progressive” religion, Dr. Brown says he will stay with the Jesus of the Bible, the Jesus who liberates and transforms, the Jesus who doesn’t affirm us in our sin but delivers us out of it.

He was good enough for the last 2,000 years. He’ll be good enough for eternity.

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