Persecution in America

A Canadian Doctor Fined $100,000 for Anti-Vaccine Social Media Posts

July 5, 2019

A Canadian medical establishment has ordered a chiropractor to pay $100,000 for her “anti-vaccine” thought-crimes on social media.

Dr. Dena Churchill was ordered to pay for her “professional misconduct” after she shared her personal views that vaccinations could be harmful.

“Dr. Churchill’s conduct brought the profession of chiropractic into disrepute,”

the establishment committee wrote.

Dr. Churchill's social media posts were an “egregious breach” of the national chiropractic association’s guidelines, which reportedly order chiropractors “not to discuss vaccines in any capacity,” according to the CBC.

When we hear the left throw out such phrases as 'association guidelines', or 'community guidelines', these are totalitarian phrases made to sound soft and reasonable, when in reality they are totalitarian. Look how many people are getting banned for violating facebook, google, or twitter supposed "community guidelines." They say "these are just guidelines" designed to keep everyone happy and safe but if you try to walk-off to the curb you get immediately kicked out.

Anyways, the committee goes on,

“Dr. Churchill was responsible for social media posts outside her scope of practice which were harmful to the public. Dr. Churchill maintained significant social media activity which is outside the scope of practice of chiropractic in Nova Scotia despite direct instruction to stop. That is egregious conduct. The entire matter could have been avoided if Dr. Churchill deleted offending posts from her social media account. She refused. Dr. Churchill has been found guilty of the charges that have been filed against her.”

After taking Dr. Churchill's finances into consideration, the committee has decided to allow her to pay $100,000 instead of taking her license away completely. The committee of course did not want to come off as totalitarian, but reasonable when issuing such fine.

Dr. Churchill, however, did not cower to the bullies and in a Facebook post wrote,

“My sincere hope is that my example will awaken more of the public to the control and manipulation of the medical industrial complex. The article is perfectly correct in that I have no remorse and I would do it all over again if I had the opportunity. VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS educated people know this if they study the research. ‘Anti’ is a word used to divide the population, I’d encourage you to BE VACCINE INFORMED. Silencing us doctors in any discipline is against the charter of rights and freedoms, and to silence us when we are trying to relate dangers to public based on research is criminal!”