Persecution in America

4 Pro-Lifers Arrested Witnessing to Mothers Inside Abortion Clinic

June 10, 2019

According to LifeSiteNews four peaceful pro-life activists in Flint Michigan were jailed Friday after being arrested inside an abortion facility while they sought to counsel women against abortion and offer them red roses and practical help.

Giving women red roses was a Mary Wagner's inspired tactic that was successful during her early days of the pro-life movement. Mary Wagner is a Canadian Catholic who has been recently jailed by the Canadian authorities for witnessing in the Vancouver abortion clinic.

In Flint, Will Goodman, Patrice Woodworth, Lauren Handy, and Matthew Connolly – went into abortion clinic bringing informative materials to share with the mothers inside. According to a one unnamed female witness who had an appointment at the facility, there were approximately six mothers in the waiting room. The pro-life activists made themselves known, the abortion staffers hurried the mothers further inside and banned anyone from entering.

The female witness said that a female staff member cursed and shouted at the pro-lifers in the waiting room. The staffer also touched and shoved pro-lifers.

LifeSiteNews spoke to Goodman who wore the red t-shirt bearing the title “Lifeguard,” Goodman said that he was willing to be arrested while providing information and prayerful witness. Goodman said that he was inspired by Canadian pro-life advocate Mary Wagner.

Goodman said that, in his experience, giving information to expectant mothers as they come to abortion centers has deterred some of them from going through with the procedure.

WIll Goodman Arrest

“We are here to show love for the babies before they die. We are here for them, and to recognize their humanity.” Woodworth said.

There were two women in the waiting room who had appointments; they subsequently left.

Woodworth was kneeling in prayer when a state police trooper arrived.

Within minutes, officers entered the abortion facility and arrested pro-life activists.